Reiki Healing

Reiki is a respected healing method that can benefit humans and animals alike. This complimentary and alternative medicine was developed in Japan in 1922 by Mikao Usui and is today also referred to as “energy therapy” or “palm healing.” Reiki is used to help realign and balance the body. It is also used after an injury and before and after surgery to allow the body to heal more quickly.

Terri Steuben is a trained Reiki Master of the Usui method and has helped people heal for more than a decade. Today she specializes in using Reiki with animals pre- and post-surgery, and with pets that have cancer, kidney problems and other health-related issues.

Terri explains, “Reiki focuses on the chakras—or centers of energy—that are present in the physical body. When these areas are allowed to release or clear, they remove pain and the healing process is expedited. Every Reiki practitioner is a bit different. With me, Reiki energy moves from the air into my body and out through my hands into the person or animal I am focused on, thus making me a channel for the healing process.”

Terri is not a physician or veterinarian. Her use of Reiki is designed for internal and emotional healing. Always consult your veterinarian when a medical need arises.

Reiki Helps Promote the Healing Process

Reiki energy goes to the place that needs healing first and allows the cells of the body to realign to help promote the healing process. Says Terri, “I’ve had veterinary technicians at the animal shelter tell me, ‘I don’t know what it is you’re doing with this Reiki, but I can remove stitches quicker after surgeries on the animals you treat than those you don’t.’”

Reiki healing can be beneficial just about any time your pet does not feel well. However, Reiki should not be used as an emergency treatment for broken bones (before they are set by a medical professional) or with severed limbs.

Reiki for Animals is Held Long Distance

Terri performs Reiki healing sessions on animals when your pet does not feel up to par, is about to have surgery, or recovering from surgery. After Reiki sessions, clients typically report their pets seem to heal much more quickly—even surprising their veterinarians. With Reiki, stitches are taken out sooner, recovery from surgery is faster and the overall health of the animal seems to improve more quickly than it normally would.

During an animal Reiki healing session with Terri, you will not be on the phone. The 15-minute session will be scheduled for a time when your pet is typically at rest or napping. At the designated time, Terri will send healing energy to your pet. During these sessions, clients have reported they saw handprints on their pets or watched their animals move or adjust as if they were trying to help the healing energy get into just the right spot.

After Reiki treatments, animals are very relaxed and quite often will nap for a couple of hours. Most people notice an immediate change in their pets as well as additional improvements over the next several days.

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Reiki healing can help animals of all sizes.

Reiki healing can help animals of all sizes. 

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