What clients say about Terri Steuben

It makes so much sense

“We knew that our cat was afraid to be picked up, but we never knew why, until Terri told us she was dropped as a baby. It makes so much sense. Thanks, Terri, for talking to our frisky kids and helping us get the feedback we were hoping for.”

—Eric and Kristy Maniaci, Huntington Beach


“Baby Luv certainly had some interesting things to say. It must have been her thoughts to you about her water and dish, as we had never mentioned to you the plastic dish in her bedroom nor the fact that she usually gets filtered water from the fridge. Well, she now has a new stainless dish and the plastic is gone, so her water should stay cold longer and taste better, like she requested. Also, it was amazing how you noticed her tail and that it had been injured. I know she is relieved that you aligned it for her. She must have told you about the ‘Poopsy’ nickname for Papa Joe, otherwise how else would you have known? Wow!”

—Bobbie and Dayton  (Baby Luv), Huntington Beach, California

Her behavior just changed

“Sheena was quite unbearable for those first few weeks after we left the farm where she could go out everyday. I called you and her behavior just changed.”

—Katja  (Sheena), Amsterdam, Holland

Positively astonished by your diagnosis

“You were right about the gland on the left side going haywire…the vet confirmed that this is the problem and was positively astonished by your diagnosis. The bladder infection that might have attacked the kidneys—the values for the kidneys are back to normal as well. Now we have to work getting the dosage right. Thanks again, it’s always so nice to know I can Skype you any time to find out how my kids are doing.”

—Sylvia Hunziker  (Tigger and Beemer), Munich, Germany

Our relationship feels even stronger

“After Terri’s visit, I feel my dogs and I have a better understanding of each other. Our relationship feels even stronger and closer than ever!”

—Mary Falcon, Huntington Beach

Terri is a wonderful healer

“Logan, my Persian feline, was throwing up right on my front door. I couldn’t figure out why. Terri came in and learned that she had a sinus drip that was causing her to be sick. She would do it by the front door to let me know she wasn’t feeling well. Terri is a wonderful healer that I recommend to all my clients and friends.”

—Tracey Borowski, Jet Set Pet Sitters, Irvine, California

Terri gave Magnus peace of mind

“My pit bull is very dependent on us, and before we went on our two-week vacation to Europe, we needed to let Magnus know that the pet sitter was here to hang out, and that we were coming back. Terri gave Magnus peace of mind that we were not leaving him, just going on vacation. It was uncanny the way he seemed to completely understand her. Terri’s is one phone number I will never lose!”

—Alex Teklak (Mangus), Costa Mesa, California

It’s amazing that you could do this by phone

“My husband thought I was crazy to call you, being that you are in California and we live in Texas. Thank you so much for locating my Pepe! It’s amazing that you could do this by phone.”

—Mary Barnes (Pepe), El Paso, Texas

Her insight was uncanny!

“Terri was helpful in determining why my cats behave as they do! Her insight was uncanny! Thanks, Terri!”

—Bill Trivett  (Pete and Tilly), York, Pennsylvania

My speedy recovery

“Terri Steuben is a practitioner of the ancient art of Reiki. I was told about the healings that she was practiced in, and discussed with her my upcoming surgery. My doctor had already suggested to me to visualize my body healing. I have been a nurse for 30 years and know what a difference attitude and willingness to learn has to do with recovery. The first Reiki session with Terri was very professional, private and comfortable. The sessions continued until the day of surgery. My recovery period was noted to be fast and uncomplicated. The physical therapist and physician both commented on my speedy recovery. I have continued the sessions with Terri and no one knows that I have had this major surgery without me telling them. I am a picture of perfect health, and credit Terri and her knowledge of the lost art of Reiki with helping me to heal.”

—Donna G., Lake Elsinore, California

We feel so much better

“Thank you for talking to our golden retriever, Shaka, after she passed. We feel so much better, and the messages you gave us about her standing on her hind legs confirmed that she was letting us know that she was okay. Now that we found you, we will always keep you in our life.”

—Diane and Bill Dokos, San Juan Capistrano, California

I can’t believe the improvements

“What a wonderful experience we had last Monday. Things have been going so well. I can’t believe the improvements. I have always been a talker when it comes to the dogs but now what I say is more focused and thoughtful. All of your direction is actually working and sometimes I swear that Sissy looks at me differently. I am looking forward to the next time that we are able to have a session with you.”

—Erycka Odom, Long Beach, California

I just cannot thank you enough

“We have gotten into the habit of explaining to the girls everything we do…and I know they understand. This past weekend, we did some planting and explained to them that they had to be nice to the plants. Of course, the one area we neglected to tell them to be nice to was the one area they ripped up. We are learning to state the obvious and be specific with our instructions. I just cannot thank you enough. This has got to be one of the most incredible experiences I have had. I always share with them, talk with them and tell them how much I love them. Thanks again, Terri, for everything.”

—Valarie Ruig  (Bailey and Tanner), Ladera Ranch, California

Cinnamon benefited from the Reiki

“I know Cinnamon benefited from the Reiki before and after her hip and knee surgery. You could tell she really relaxed and enjoyed it [the Reiki]. I know she begged for more and everyone tells me how good she walks now.”

—Ronna (Cinnamon), Las Vegas, Nevada

I follow Terri’s advice every day

“A friend suggested Terri might be able to help my wife and me understand what was happening with Sparkey’s “litter pan issue.”  He didn’t have any urinary problems, and we were at our breaking point. I was skeptical, but agreed to give her a try. Terri said he just wanted a green litter pan like he used to have. I had to think about that, because he never had a green litter pan. Then I remembered—there had been a green Tupperware dishpan he used when he was three months old. What Sparkey wanted was a pan with low sides and no top; changing his litter pan immediately eliminated the problem. Over the last couple of years, we’ve used Terri’s communication tips and consulted her about other issues, and I now recommend her to others. She finally convinced me of her skills when our slightly overweight Rocket “told” her that I had been giving him a little less food than his brother, and that’s why he was eating Sparkey’s food. I had been trying to fool Rocket with the portions, but he knew better. I hadn’t said a word about any of this to Terri or my wife. I stopped trying to fool Rocket—and I follow Terri’s advice every day.”

—Dave (Sparkey and Rocket), Long Beach, California

Terri works with cats, dogs, horses, pigs, birds and…other animals!

Terri works with cats, dogs, horses, pigs, birds and…other animals!