Animal Communication

Through her special gift of Animal Communication, Terri Steuben gives a voice to your pets and helps you better understand their needs and wants. Terri works with clients around the world to help correct problem behaviors, comfort passing pets, and train puppies and newborns.

During a typical session, Terri will “talk” with your animals and provide you with useful information about them. How does Terri do this? She uses her highly developed senses to telepathically ask questions and receive answers from your pets.

“Everything has its own energy vibration,” she explains. “I focus on a name or a place and I begin to see pictures in my mind, smell things, taste things, hear things or feel things. I tune into the animal’s energy vibration and allow the stories to unfold. I ask questions. I listen for answers. I see mental pictures and I share them with you.”

Read what some of Terri’s clients have to say about their Animal Communication sessions and how her insight and advice helped them.

Learn Terri’s Proven Communication System

Terri can also give you tips on how to better communicate with your pets, using a simple technique she has developed—and you don’t have to have psychic abilities to make it work!

“Whether you realize it or not, you are communicating with your pets all of the time. You could be giving them mixed signals or telling them to misbehave and not even know it," says Terri. "It doesn’t take a special gift for you to more effectively communicate with the animals in your life. You just need to learn how to use both words and mental pictures, along with some positive reinforcement. I have a simple system I developed a few years ago that I can teach you. It is working for thousands of my clients—and most of them see great results in a matter or hours or days.”

Terri can consult with you about your pet’s needs and personally teach you ways to communicate better. She also offers detailed information on her “Talking Pictures” communication technique in her book, Secrets of a Pet Whisperer.

Terri Holds Communication Sessions on the Phone and via Skype

When you schedule a session with Terri, she will give you a private number to call. At the appointed time, she will pick up the call when you identify yourself. Then off you will go into the wonderful world of animal communication.

Terri will answer all of your prepared questions as well as questions from your pets. Believe it or not, animals have questions of their own! Terri once walked into a home with five cats—all sitting in line at the front door. The client said, “They have been waiting for you for 20 minutes like that and nobody is giving up their place in line.“ By the end of the session, Terri had only made it five feet past the threshold—after discussing the questions and concerns of each cat—but she was able to describe the entire house to the owner.

It’s Easy to Prepare for a Consultation Session with Terri

Before your appointment, you should write down all of the questions you want to ask your pets. This is important and saves valuable time during your session with Terri. It also allows you to make sure you talk about the topics that are important to you. It is not necessary to send your questions to Terri in advance.

In addition, you should let your pets know you will be chatting with Terri. Tell them if they have any needs or wants, they should bring those things up during the session and Terri can relay them. (You might be surprised at your pet’s reaction. Like Muffy the cat who sat by the phone for an hour prior to her session—needless to say, Muffy had a lot to talk about!)

Finally, it is also a good idea to have a pen and paper handy during the session in case you want to jot down the information and suggestions Terri gives you.

Ready to learn about what your pet is thinking and feeling? Go to the How to Prepare page to find out how to schedule a session with Terri, submit payment, and get ready for your session.

How to work with Terri

Ready to learn about what your pet is thinking and feeling? 

The How to Prepare page will help you schedule a time with Terri, submit payment, and get ready for your session.