Terri Steuben

Quick Facts

  • Terri is an Animal Communicator who helps people better understand their pets and eliminate behavior problems such as jumping, biting, scratching and barking.
  • Terri has the gift of Medical Intuition that enables her to help clients address the health-care issues of their pets.
  • Terri is a trained Reiki Master and uses this Japanese healing art on both animals and her clients.
  • Terri is experienced in disaster response, and volunteers in emergencies to keep pets and farm animals safe.
  • Terri teaches animal search-and-rescue classes.
  • Terri is an engaging public speaker and trainer.
  • Terri is the author of two books for pet owners and pet lovers: Secrets of a Pet Whisperer: Stop Telling Your Animals to Misbehave and Tails of Triumph: Animals Tell Their Katrina Stories.

The Gift of Healing

Terri Steuben gives a voice to animals with her abilities as an Animal Communicator. Terri trains and coaches individuals around the world on how to more effectively communicate with their pets. She helps pet owners solve behavior problems like biting, chewing, jumping, separation anxiety, scratching, sibling disputes and trauma. She assists with puppy education, health issues, comforting passing pets and connecting with deceased pets.

Terri also has the gift of Medical Intuition that allows her to feel where animals are experiencing pain or discomfort in their bodies. She says this is like “stepping into their bodies, seeing how they feel, stepping out and giving a report.” Terri has had the gift of healing all her life. Because of this, she has become a trained Reiki Master of the Usui method, a form of healing that originated in Japan. Terri uses Reiki with animals pre- and post-surgery, and with pets that have cancer, kidney problems and other health-related issues.

Lending a Hand and Heart

Terri is often called upon to assist with animal rescue. She volunteers her time with professional agencies to help with animal disaster-response activities and keeping pets safe. She has completed numerous certification courses with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), American Humane Association Red Star Team and Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). 

She has responded to emergencies with the HSUS National Disaster Animal Response Team, United Animal Nations, Emergency Animal Response Team and Mounted Assistance Unit/Equestrian Training Institute. Terri has been deployed to a number of disasters—including Hurricane Katrina and the San Diego wildfires—as well as to rescue operations in California and Hawaii. 

She has also been called in to work alongside law enforcement officials in search-and-seizure operations involving animal hoarding and cockfighting.

An Animal Advocate

Terri serves as an advocate for the humane treatment of animals. She worked directly with the offices of former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and state legislators to create public awareness and promote the passage of Assembly Bill No. 450 on September 29, 2006.

This bill requires the state’s disaster preparedness agencies to include household pets, service animals, equines and livestock in emergency evacuation planning. Terri was a founding board member of two regional organizations, the Humane Animal Response Team and Surf City Animal Response Team; she helped set up the groups and develop their policies, procedures and training in animal disaster response. 

An Engaging and Entertaining Speaker

In addition, Terri is a public speaker and trainer. She has been a presenter at the national convention of the Humane Society of the United States. She teaches beginning and intermediate classes in Search and Rescue of Small Pets and How to Set Up a Temporary Animal Shelter. She has been interviewed on radio and television.  

Terri is the author of the how-to book Secrets of a Pet Whisperer: Stop Telling Your Animals to Misbehave, in which she reveals the “Talking Pictures” communication technique she teaches to her clients.  She also wrote Tails of Triumph: Animals Tell Their Katrina Stories, a diary based on her experiences as part of the largest animal rescue operation in history.  

A native of Colorado, Terri lives in Southern California.