Medical Intuition

Medical Intuition is the ability to use one’s senses—particularly sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing—to experience where and when another person or a pet is feeling physical pain. It takes a quiet and focused mind to be able to interpret the signals, and then offer explanations and suggestions to patients and their medical providers.

Terri Steuben explains, “My gift of Medical Intuition allows me to feel in my body where an animal is feeling pain or weakness. Medical This is particularly useful in helping animals, since they are not able to speak for themselves and cannot tell us where they are hurting.”

Let Terri Discover Your Pet’s Pain and Illness

Terri uses her special skill of Medical Intuition to relay symptoms and pinpoint illness that you can share with your veterinarian. Based on what she learns from your pet, she can also discuss alternate therapies such as acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy, herbal remedies and Reiki healing.

Terri recalls one client who contacted her about Taylor, a springer spaniel. Taylor was having problems with digestion. Terri explains, “When my client took Taylor to the animal clinic, the veterinarian said, ‘It would be nice if we could just ask Taylor how she felt, but unfortunately we can’t.’ My client said, ‘Maybe we can’t, but I know someone who can. And she can also tell us how Taylor feels and where the pain is in her body.’ The veterinarian was surprised and a little put off—at least until he got a phone call from her explaining where I said Taylor was experiencing pain. I had told her Taylor was having a problem in his digestive tract, and there was also a small sore in the smaller bowel, just below the bottom stomach flap. When the veterinarian heard this, he fine-tuned his diagnosis based on my comments and changed the medication. Today, Taylor is the picture of perfect health. And I understand the veterinarian is still shaking his head over what I said.”

There are other examples of Terri's use of Medical Intuition in her book Tails of Triumph: Animals Tell Their Katrina Stories. These stories illustrate how she worked with veterinarians to help pets injured in the hurricane that hit New Orleans in 2005. 

Keep in mind that Terri is not a physician or veterinarian. She uses Medical Intuition to help pinpoint illness or pain in her clients' pets. Always first consult your veterinarian when there’s a healthcare need.

In advance of your pet’s Medical Intuitive session, you should write down all of your questions about your pet’s health, food and changes in behavior. This “homework” is important and will save valuable time while you are with Terri on the phone or in person. It is not necessary to send your questions to Terri in advance. In addition, it is a good idea to have a pen and paper handy in case you want to jot down the information Terri tells you about your pet and any suggestions she makes on how to handle your situation.

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Dr. Peter Bloch, D.V.M., consults with Terri.

Dr. Peter Bloch, D.V.M., consults with Terri.

More on Medical Intuition

Veterinarian Douglas Coward describes how the Medical Intuition of Terri  Steuben can help with the diagnosis and treatment of animals. Dr.  Coward shows x-rays of O.C. the cat, who had large, painful stones in  his bladder that Terri felt and the vet surgically removed.