How to Prepare for a Session with Terri

It’s easy to arrange a consultation session with Terri Steuben, and you can schedule as much or as little time as you need. Phone sessions range from 15 minutes—for a few quick questions—to 30 minutes or one hour. 

Write Your Questions in Advance

Before your appointment, write down all your questions for Terri. This important step saves valuable time during your session and makes sure you talk about the topics that are important to you. It is not necessary to send your questions in advance, but have them handy during your session. Have a pen and paper ready in case you want to jot down the information and advice Terri gives you during your session.

Pay and Contact Terri

Consultation sessions are paid for in advance by credit or debit card (via PayPal—but you don’t need a PayPal account). Once you have finished your PayPal transaction, email Terri at and provide her with:

• your first and last name

• address

• phone number(s)

• pet name(s)

• type of pet/breed

• age of pet(s)

• your general concerns

Terri will contact you via email to set up your appointment day and time; she will also give you a private phone number to call. At the appointed time, Terri will pick up the call when you identify yourself and your consultation will begin. Terri asks for 24-hour notice when you need to change or re-schedule an appointment; otherwise a re-scheduling fee will be applied.

Go to the Order Now page to set started. 

Other Services

If you want additional session time or wish to book Terri for speaking engagements, appearances at special events or other services, email Terri  to discuss your needs.