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Tails of Triumph: Animals Tell Their Katrina Stories

In her new book, Terri Steuben shares what the animals told her about Hurricane Katrina and “the day the water came.”

Terri kept a journal of her experiences with The Humane Society of the United States in the summer of 2005, as she found and rescued animals in the muddy rubble of New Orleans. Dogs, cats, horses and other creatures that survived Katrina talked to her about their despair, confusion, determination and, ultimately, freedom.

For the first time, you can read the pets’ perspective and their stories of triumph—thanks to Terri, a gifted animal communicator and trained disaster responder.

Along with volunteers and professionals from all over the U.S. and Canada, Terri came into what many described as a “war zone” and searched through flooded streets and houses for animals that survived the flooding. Those pets endured days and nights of heat, humidity, fear and loneliness—often without food and water—until they could be rescued and taken to safety.

Terri’s ability to talk telepathically to animals, her disaster training and her experience working with aggressive dogs made her a valuable asset to the response team. She served alongside firefighters, National Guardsmen, veterinarians and animal control officers to locate and help the pets.

“While all of our team members exhibit a variety of talents, Terri possesses something more—the ability to communicate with animals. She has a way of communicating that seemed to put them at ease, making capture and subsequent handling go even more smoothly.” writes Eric Sakach, HSUS incident commander and senior law enforcement specialist, in the book’s foreword.

That’s because Terri heard what the pets were saying: “I’m over here on top of the refrigerator!” “Is it safe to go with you?” “My head hurts.” “Do you have food?” “Mom said to stay here until she gets back.” “I can leave my yard?” “Fresh air!” “I made it!”

You’ll read—in their own words—the stories of…

 • The dog that roamed the streets for food and took mouthfuls back to a little buddy who couldn’t leave their house

 • The cat that broke into a kitchen cupboard to get to food and lived quite nicely on toaster pastries

 • The guard dog who didn’t want to be rescued because he needed to stay and keep his house safe, only to finally get outside and realize most of it had washed away

 • The white horse that waited patiently for weeks for her daddy to find her, and almost broke down the stall when she sensed him coming up the road

 • The cats that rationed food and water to make it last, just like their mom told them to do

 • The 500-pound pig that weathered the storm and danced with her mama and papa in the backyard

• The fighting dog that wouldn’t fight and was chained under a house without food or water for more than three weeks, then was saved so he could be adopted by a caring, new owner

 • And more!

There’s sadness and joy in these amazing stories. These courageous animals lived through a nightmare and never gave up. There’s also much to learn from them about what our pets think and feel, how strong and resourceful they can be, and the depth of the loyalty and love they have for us. Their words will inspire you and help you better understand the needs and behavior of all animals.

Read a short memoir by Terri of her Katrina experiences in the “Stories” section and see more rescue photos on Terri’s Facebook page under Photo Albums.

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