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Reiki Healing

Reiki is a hands-on healing method that can benefit humans and animals alike. This complimentary and alternative medicine was developed in Japan in 1922 by Mikao Usui and is today also referred to as “energy therapy” or “palm healing.” Reiki is used to help realign and balance the body. It is also used after an injury and before and after surgery to allow the body to heal more quickly.

Terri Steuben is a trained Reiki Master of the Usui method. She has been helping people heal for more than a decade, addressing such health issues as headaches, burns and nausea. She also uses Reiki with animals pre- and post-surgery, and with pets that have cancer, kidney problems and other health-related issues.

Terri explains, “Reiki is better experienced rather than talked about. It focuses on the chakras—or centers of energy—that are present in the physical body. When these areas are allowed to release or clear, they remove pain and the healing process is expedited. Every Reiki practitioner is a bit different. With me, Reiki energy moves from the air into my body and out through my hands into the person or animal I am focused on, thus making me a channel for the healing process.”

Terri is not a physician or veterinarian. Her use of Reiki is designed for internal and emotional healing. Always consult your doctor or veterinarian when a medical need arises.

Reiki Helps Promote the Healing Process

Reiki energy goes to the place that needs healing first and allows the cells of the body to realign to help promote the healing process. During a Reiki healing session, the recipient of the therapy will typically experience feelings of heat, coolness and/or energy vibration (which feels like a small electrical current). They will feel this where Terri’s hands are placed as well as in other parts of their bodies. After the treatment, they typically feel relaxed and comfortable. Over the next few days, they usually notice changes in their bodies, experience less pain and see their sleep improve.

Says Terri, “I have seen Reiki increase T-cell count in individuals who are HIV positive. After Reiki treatments, some of my clients have told me that their physicians have reduced their blood pressure medications. At a restaurant once, I saw someone get a second-degree, white-hot burn on his hand from hot cheese; after five minutes of Reiki, the burn was completely gone. And I’ve had veterinary technicians at the animal shelter tell me, ‘I don’t know what it is you’re doing with this Reiki, but I can remove stitches quicker after surgeries on the animals you treat than those you don’t.’”

Reiki healing can be beneficial just about any time you or your pet do not feel well. Some of the problems and conditions that it helps with include:

  •  Headaches and migraines
  •  Earaches
  •  Cuts and bruises
  •  Burns
  •  Chemotherapy side effects
  •  Disc and back pain
  •  Broken bones
  •  Pulled muscles and muscle aches
  •  Knee and foot pain
  •  Emotional issues / depression
  •  Preparation for surgery and post surgery


However, Reiki should not be used as an emergency treatment on patients with broken bones (before they are set by a physician) or with severed limbs.

Terri performs both long-distance and in-person Reiki healing sessions for her clients.

Long-Distance Reiki Sessions are Relaxing and Comfortable

During a long-distance Reiki healing session with Terri, you will not be on the phone. Your session will be scheduled at a time when you can rest, lie down or sit in a relaxed position. At the designated appointment time, you will be at rest and Terri will proceed with the Reiki treatment. She will send healing energy from her home to you in your home. During the session, you may see different colors, feel energy vibrations and/or feel heat or coolness throughout your entire body or in different places in your body. (You may also feel nothing, but this doesn’t mean you are not getting the benefit of Reiki.) After the treatment, you should feel relaxed and comfortable. You will also notice changes over the next several days; if you are like most people, you will sleep better.

It is a good idea to schedule some additional time (15 to 30 minutes) with Terri after your Reiki session so you can ask her questions. These questions could be about things your felt or saw during your treatment, like colors, visions or what some people call “movies.” These sensory experiences all pertain to you and your current health status; Terri will explain them to you so you understand their meaning and can begin to apply the information immediately. During your follow-up call, it is a good idea to have paper and pencil handy so you can jot down any channeled information or suggestions made by Terri.

Terri has documented the effectiveness of her long-distance Reiki healings and compared notes with clients in Hong Kong and Amsterdam, who saw and felt the same things that she did during the session. Some people see different things than what Terri sees, so hearing both sides of the session in a follow-up call is helpful to the client.

In-Person Reiki Healing is Also Offered

If you live in Southern California, Terri can provide you with a hands-on Reiki treatment.

Your in-person session will be performed on a Reiki/massage table, and all your clothes will remain on. (Please wear comfortable clothing.) You will be asked to remove your shoes and any metal like rings, necklaces and belts. (This is because metal interferes with the Reiki energy, and can cause blockages and sometimes extreme heat.) During the Reiki treatment, your job is to relax, breathe and allow the energy to do its job. Reiki works on you whether you believe it will or not.

Terri will first place her hands on several chakras (centers of energy) on the back side of your body. Then she will place her hands on various chakras on the front of your torso, legs, arms and feet. During the session, you might see colors and visions (or nothing at all). Terri will talk to you and tell you what she is seeing as she works. At the end of the session, you may be a little dizzy and time is allowed for you to settle back into yourself. Some people have noticed light sensitivity and a brightness of colors when opening their eyes. You may notice changes immediately and for the next several days as the Reiki energy continues to help your body realign.

Reiki for Animals is Held Long Distance and In Person

Terri performs Reiki healing sessions on animals, both long-distance and in person. These sessions are designed for those times when your pet does not feel up to par, is about to have surgery, or just returned from surgery. After Reiki sessions, clients typically report their pets seem to heal much more quickly—even surprising their veterinarians. With Reiki, stitches are taken out sooner, recovery from surgery is faster and the overall health of the animal seems to improve more quickly than it normally would.

During an animal Reiki healing session with Terri, you will not be on the phone. The session will be scheduled for a time when your pet is typically at rest or napping. At the designated time, Terri will send healing energy to your pet. During these sessions, clients have reported they saw handprints on their pets or watched their animals move or adjust as if they were trying to help the healing energy get into just the right spot.

If you live in Southern California, Terri can travel to your home for a Reiki session for your pet. During an in-person session, Terri will provide hands-on healing to your pet using various hand positions. This way you can actually see your pet relax in her hands and shift to a comfortable position. Some of the chakras (centers of energy) on animals are in different locations than on humans, but the concept of Reiki is the same. It’s always interesting and fun to see a pet’s reactions. Some animals react to Reiki like Joey the black cat, who puts his nose on the places he wants Terri hand’s to concentrate the healing energy.

After Reiki treatments, animals are very relaxed and quite often will nap for a couple of hours. Most people notice an immediate change in their pets as well as additional improvements over the next several days.

Want to experience Reiki? Go to the Consultations page to find out how to schedule a session with Terri, submit payment and prepare for your session.

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