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Quick Facts about Terri Steuben

  • Terri is an Animal Communicator who helps people better understand their pets and eliminate behavior problems such as jumping, biting, scratching and barking.
  • Terri has the gift of Medical Intuition that enables her to help clients address the health-care issues of their pets.
  • Terri is a trained Reiki Master and uses this Japanese healing art on both animals and her clients.
  • Terri is experienced in disaster response, and volunteers in emergencies to keep pets and farm animals safe.
  • Terri teaches animal search-and-rescue classes.
  • Terri is an engaging public speaker and trainer.
  • Terri is the author of two books for pet owners and pet lovers: Secrets of a Pet Whisperer: Stop Telling Your Animals to Misbehave and Tails of Triumph: Animals Tell Their Katrina Stories.

This music may calm  restless or anxious pets.


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